Incredible marketing power.

With a great power comes responsibility. Can you handle our app?

Create the ultimate marketing roadmap.

Achievable goals
Let the Rocket Roadmap define exactly what goals are ambitious but achievable.
Deep learning tasks
Receive daily to do's based on data from 100's of other websites and machine learning.

Beta tester scored huge results

We tested intensively for a year with small business marketeers. The results were amazing and continue to grow to this day.

Goals reached
New leads

Change your online marketing routine

Think of the Rocket Roadmap as your ideal marketing buddy. It plans the journey for the next 12 months and allows you to focus your time on the things that really matter.

Realistic goals


Daily tasks


Pipeline driven


Understandable stats


Leads database


High quality search research


AI recommendations


Visitors integration

The road to Houston

We’ve named all upcoming versions of the Rocket Roadmap after planets. But to get into space, a launch is the first step. We’ve named the first version after the city where NASA’s headquarters is located: Houston.

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No false start due to extensive data study

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Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions of the past months.

The goals are based on data collected over the past 6.5 years from 110 running websites. This data combines the Rocket Roadmap with your Google analytics to set realistic targets.

In the initial phase, the app focuses exclusively on organic (free) search results.

No, the demo is completely non-binding. After the trial period you will be able to choose the subscription that is most suitable for your company.

These costs are not yet final, as soon as more is known you will be informed about this.

This is not yet the case in the first version (Houston), but we are in the process of adding this so this is definitely coming up. This has a high priority for us and we expect to be able to launch it in the third version (Mars).

The Rocket Roadmap will need about a month of data to analyze your site. After one month your goals will be calculated.

The goals are taken from your Google analytics account. Check in your account if you have set goals there, if not set them and refresh the app. After that the goals should appear.