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Tasks, also called tasks in the app. Here is a description of how to best use this feature.

Lars Peeters
Written by Lars Peeters
Last updated 9 months ago

On your task page you will find the tasks you need to perform to achieve your goals. These tasks are divided into today and soon. Today means that the task has to be done this week. Luckily you can prepare tasks in advance. Soon means that the task has to be done next week. You already have insight into this task and therefore you can work ahead when it suits you.

Tasks are specifically defined. It is important that you adhere to this description in order to achieve your goals. The task descriptions can be ticked off so that you immediately know what still needs to be done. This helps if, for example, you complete it in two sessions. Deadlines can be set by clicking on the desired date on the calendar. You can also delegate the task via the app. Simply select the employee who is responsible for this task and he or she will be notified immediately.

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