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This description is the same as in the installation guide. You can repeat these steps for each website you want to add.

Lars Peeters
Written by Lars Peeters
Last updated 8 months ago

Step one:

Linking the website starts by clicking on the plus logo at the bottom right of the screen. Then click on Google Analytics. Give the Rocket Roadmap permission to link your Google Analytics account. In the overview, choose your account, website, view and location. Then click through.

Step two:

Goals. If all goes well, there is a list of goals in the Rocket Roadmap. There you can choose where you want to focus your online activities. Click on it and go to the next step stap 5.

Don't you see any goals appearing? Then you can set them in your Google Analytics account and restart the Rocket Roadmap app. Then the targets should appear. Don't know how to set goals in Google Analytics? Then click here. Gelukt? Ga door.

Step three:

The targets are set. Now you will get an overview of keywords you are currently finding. Click on the 5 most important keywords for your company and go to the next step.

Step four:

You have chosen 5 keywords. On these keywords, keyword suggestions are made based on search volume and price. This way you get the strongest possible keyword suggestions. Of all 5 keywords you will get a list of suggestions. Choose for each 1 to 2 extra keywords.

Step five:

You did this. You can complete the setup. The chosen keywords will be placed in your Rocket Roadmap including the position where you are now ranked on this keyword. These are the keywords we will work with.

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